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Why Alicorn Education

Leveled writing and reading programme

Expand your child’s vocabulary and develop strong creative writing skills

Customised learning plan

Tailor-made to each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses

Qualified and dedicated tutors

Specialise in both local and international curriculum

Admission guidance

Gain admission offers to the international/ local school of your choice

Students Testimonials

Hear from our students who have achieved great results with our top qualified tutors.

Eva Y., Y3, Harrow International School Hong Kong

I have been learning with Sharon for three years since I was in St. Catherine International Kindergarten. I learn about English grammar and vocabularies in a fun way. I read a lot of books with her too. I enjoy our lessons very much.

Abigail Y., Y7, Victoria Shanghai Academy

During Miss Iris’s lesson, I’ve learnt a range of vocabulary, sentence structures and compositions which helps me improve a lot in my writings and essays. Shortly after joining her lesson, I saw a significant leap in my writing skills and grades, and I even received the Subject Excellence Award in English Language at school. She teaches me whole-heartedly and patiently, and I have a lot of fun having her lesson. I even asked her for extended lessons!

Brigitte W., Y8, South Island School

With Miss Iris’s lesson I have improved significantly. I am very grateful to have her as my teacher. Not only is she kind, generous and encouraging, but also she always has fun activities planned to make my lessons more engaging and enjoyable. I would like to thank Miss Iris for everything!

Agatha W., S1, SIS

I started having lessons with Miss Ho this February to prepare for my S1 admission test at Singapore International School. I was very nervous as it was my first time to attend such rigorous interview process. I am grateful for her kind assistance and guidance. She helped me craft my speech, practice the interview questions and lifted my confidence.

Miss Ho’s voice is reassuring and makes me feel calm. Her knowledge in education inspires me to learn more and be curious. Our relationship is like two good friends. I want to continue studying English and literature with her.

Lucas R., Year 5, Yew Chung International School

Sharon is a great teacher. We have writing and grammar class together. We always invent imaginative and hilarious stories together. I laugh a lot in her class.

Successful Results

Our students are successfully admitted into the following international schools in 2019-2020

Harrow international school Y3
Hong Kong International School Y4
Singapore International School S1
Victoria Shanghai Academy S1
Yew Chung International School G8
Malvern College Hong Kong Y6
Stamford American School Hong Kong Y6

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