The Baby Storytellers

Our teacher source a variety of English books from British and American publishers, including classics and award-winning children’s books.

The Baby Storytellers comprises these three elements:  

Describing pictures, story-telling, draw and tell 

In each class, students will:

  • Describe picture cards in details and full-sentences, such as colour, location, and facial expression. 
  • Repeat vocabularies and phrases from the picture books 
    • Recall the story through various questions:
      “ Where did the bird go?”, “What is the character’s name?”
      Learn the basic components of a story: Characters, Place, Time 
  • Draw and tell/ craft making 
    • Make little crafts to assist with their story-telling
      Express one’s thoughts and feelings with drawings 
  • Learn to speak loud and clear 
    • Build confidence to speak in front of others 


Benefits of story-telling for preschoolers: 

Children can improve their oral pronunciation and active listening skills. It also boosts their confidence and self-esteem through expressing themselves in front of their peers.

“Reading is a passport to countless adventures.” Mary Pope Osborne, author of “The Magic Treehouse” series