Little Storytellers

Our teachers source a variety of English books from British and American publishers, including classics and award-winning children’s books.

The Little Storytellers comprises these four elements:

Storytelling, Story Sequencing, Story Prediction and Story sharing

In each class, students will:

  • Tell a story
    • Use time connectives such as then, next, just then, afterwards, eventually, firstly, secondary, thirdly etc.
      Use facial expression
      Expand their vocabulary bank
  • Sequence a story
    • Arrange the story in chronological order and train their logical thinking skills.
  • Predict the Story
    • Predict what will happen next
      Create alternate endings
  • Share the story
    • Share their story confidently and proudly with their peers and teachers.

This class is particularly helpful to children preparing for their primary school entrance interviews. Storytelling skills are essential in helping children to present their ideas coherently and creatively.