Primary Admission Interview Training

Our interview training provides an all-round coaching and a comprehensive guidance to your child. Apart from practising skill-based exercises like story-telling, picture description, phonics and reading, children can also acquire strong communication and listening skills, learn about proper manner and socializing techniques, as well as develop a logical thinking and positive mindset.

The following are some common tasks during the interview: 

Picture Description 

Children will be given a picture and asked to describe what they see and think. They may also be asked to describe the theme of the picture or what it tries to convey. 


After being told a story, the children will be asked to retell it and answer questions based on it. Students will be tested on their listening and their ability to reply in full sentences.  


Children will be asked to read a passage or words aloud to test their phonetic skills. They should try to pronounce the words which they are unfamiliar with.  

Our training session will cover the following: 

Logical Skills 

Able to create and tell a story in a logical and coherent manner. 

Critical Thinking 

Able to respond to questions and scenarios based on the children’s own reasoning. 

Social Skills 

Develop good manner like greeting teachers politely, having eye contact and proper posture.  
Take turns to speak 
Co-operate with other children 
Participate actively 

Communication Skills 

Reply in full sentences in correct grammar and use appropriate vocabulary  
Present their thoughts and ideas clearly and sensibly