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Presenting a decent, comprehensive and well-organized portfolio is a credit when attending school interviews and applying for your ideal schools. Most schools nowadays require a set of portfolio to exemplify your children’s attributes, hobbies, strengths, achievements and potential. In this regard, we have prepared an array of portfolio designs with various themes to suit the personality and aspiration of each child, ensuring that each portfolio is a genuine reflection of your child’s character and strengths.

Portfolio Templates

Parents can select our portfolio templates in PDF and AI files, and insert information and pictures in designated spaces upon your wish. Simple and easy as it sounds!

Tailor-made Portfolios

For parents who have no experiences in design and wish to employ our service, we also offer portfolios with the content prepared for you. All you need to do is to fill in a Google Form we sent you after the order and provide us with pictures of your choice, and you can leave the rest to us! We also provide free proof-reading services to improve the product.
(Time required: 3-5 working days)

Interview and Portfolio Package

Apart from having an informative and attractive set of portfolio in hand, being able to communicate fluently and confidently during interviews is also crucial for your child in securing a place.

Our package consists of 2 sessions (1 hour for each session) of English interview training and 1 completed portfolio. The interview training will be conducted by our staff colleagues from the University of Oxford, and will cover the following interview techniques:

  1. Cognitive skills
    • Know one’s name, age and gender
    • Identify and name basic colors and shapes
    • Recognize alphabets
    • Understand the concept of counting
    • Understand the concept of time, such as yesterday, now, later
    • Sort objects
    • Remember parts of the story
    • Pay attention to teachers’ commands; follow three steps commands
    • Alphabets (repeated above)
    • Know how to clean up and where things belong
  2. Linguistic skills
    • Ability to respond to questions in full sentences fluently and coherently
  3. Fine Motor Skills
    • Write alphabets and numbers
    • Write one’s name
    • Handle small objects?
    • Complete puzzles

Additional Services

Recommendation Letter
It is advisable to furnish your portfolio with a recommendation letter as it adds credibility to your child’s performance. You only have to list out things you would like to include in the letter in a Google Form we sent you and our teachers will draft the letter for you.
(Time required: 2-3 working days)